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“Crystal Palette” for the young!

Jacob Greter Art Center will exhibit works by Ukrainian artists on December 4 through 19
3 December, 2013 - 11:51
ONE OF THE WORKS AT THE CONTEST-CUM-EXHIBIT / Photo illustration courtesy of the press service of the Jacob Greter Art Center

The third “Crystal Palette” competition will take place in 2013. It will offer every artist, age and experience notwithstanding, a chance to demonstrate their talents in this or that art form.

The organizers told The Day they aimed to support and promote contemporary Ukrainian art as well as help young talents to reveal themselves and encourage them to create new works. Currently, Ukraine has next to nothing in the way of competitions that provide such creative opportunities and reward their winners with valuable prizes.

An artist of international fame, winner of many world-famous competitions, prominent Ukrainian-American painter Oleg Radvan serves on the competition’s jury as an honorary member. The entries are listed in nine categories: portraits, landscapes, still lifes, genre paintings, nudes, non-figurative art, drawings, sculptures, and contemporary art (objects and installations). The organizing committee selected more than 150 works by 133 authors for the competition.

It is an independent event, allowing everyone to cast their vote for the work they like most on the website, or directly by visiting the exhibition at the Jacob Greter Art Center. Artists aged 16 to 30 years will participate in the “Crystal Palette 2013,” with the winner receiving its Grand Prix, the Crystal Palette itself.

By Tetiana POLISHCHUK, The Day
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