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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

“Real things are always heartfelt”

Thousands of Volhynians visit the photo exhibit Den-2013 in Lutsk
3 April, 2014 - 10:51
Photo by Mykola TYMCHENKO, The Day

“The Day is not just an old friend for Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University, but one of its strategic partners,” says the rector of Lesia Ukrainka East-European University, professor, Doctor of Biology Ihor KOTSAN. Owing to the newspaper the university started in its time to successfully embody the function The Day called determinative for a regional university: to become a driving force of the cultural and intellectual life of the region. On the whole, the Volhynian community, as it turns out each time, needs meetings with The Day. It became a good style to visit the photo exhibit in the circle of educated people, but what gladdens the most is that the most active visitors are teachers of schools and the university as well as other educational institutions of the city. They come together with their pupils, who will only later assess the efficiency of meetings. Every school library in Lutsk and the rest, so-called, mass libraries have practically all publications of The Day, even several copies of each. Sometimes they are bought by sponsors or former graduates of schools or the university, who within the framework of The Day’s action give the books as a present to their schools or university department. And sometimes it is for the money of Lutsk education department, which in fortunately understands the importance of The Day’s publications.

Namely East-European (then Volhynian) University in its time held the launch of the first book from The Day’s Library, Ukraine Incognita, and it turns out so that we continue to discover this “unknown Ukraine” with The Day. Therefore a lot of people came to the meeting with editor-in-chief of the newspaper Larysa Ivshyna, to presentation of the series “Subversive Literature” and actually the opening of the photo exhibit (we wrote about it in issue no. 19 from March 20, 2014). In the time which is not simple for our country and statehood people wanted to hear the answer: how are we supposed to build our home? Volhynians are avid for such communication. And extraordinariness of seemingly usual things, presented in the works of the photo exhibit, makes one think. And this is exactly what we need now. The commentaries in the guest book of the photo exhibit are proof of this.

“We are thankful to people who inspired the photo artists to capture the unforgettable moments. We are thankful to all those who took part in organization of this wonderful exhibit. In the time which is difficult for our Ukraine The Day continues to inspire, makes one think, and remain caring. Let’s be united!” (Department of Foreign Languages, Gymnasium no. 14)


“The works on display impress with their masterfulness; we can feel extremely high professionalism. This is the style of The Day’s photo exhibits, and this is the style of the newspaper as well.” (Teachers of School no. 10)

“We were impressed by the photos from the Euromaidan, which woke up the country. In this time The Day became for us first and foremost the source of truth.” (Employees of Rehabilitation-Educational Center)

“We’ve received a lot of positive emotions, feelings which make one think about the future by looking into the past, cheer up, and recall the happy and not very happy moments from the life of the country.” (Pupils of 6-B Form, Mykhailo Kravchuk Gymnasium no. 21)

“We are impressed with sincerity and openness of the photos. The authors succeeded in showing the essence of Ukrainian soul which is aspiring freedom. We liked the most the works of a Lutsk author This Lasted for 12 Years?” (Pedagogues of Modest Levytsky Gymnasium no. 4)

“The exhibit is superb. Of course, Euromaidan is the most impressive: it’s very topical, very acute, and we still can feel the pain. But it calls us to action!” (Organizer-pedagogue H. Studynska, School no. 16)

“It’s simply incredible. The vision of the world and present day are so realistic that they are heartfelt. Both joy and sadness in these photos are real.” (Students of Group 21, Math Department)

“I thank the participants of the photo exhibit for their vision of the world. This is real art. I want to distinguish the works which impressed me the most. This is Christmas in Kryvorivnia by Oleksii Furman. As you look at it, you can feel the spirit of Christmas. A very colorful work. I liked the photo Before the Concert by Andrii Nesterenko. This is an incredible eloquent work, as if you go through the emotions of the person in the photo. I cannot forget the photos made by Mykola Tymchenko in the Maidan. May God grant to our people faith and confidence we get at The Day’s photo exhibit, which fill your soul after the meeting with the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief Larysa Ivshyna. We are waiting for these meetings like for Easter and Christmas. This is an incredibly truthful moment in our life, with true emotions. This is a real thing, and real things are always moving. We discover the world anew with the photo exhibit of the newspaper Den!” (Svitlana Kresak, methodologist, the library of Lesia Ukrainka East-European National University)

By Natalia MALIMON, The Day, Lutsk
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