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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

On the EU’s “sin of inaction”

Pawel KOWAL: “It is too late now for soft diplomacy”
20 February, 2014 - 12:01
Photo by Artem SLIPACHUK, The Day

Events in Kyiv, which have seen over 25 deaths and hundreds of injured as of the morning of February 19, have caused a huge reaction in the world. Almost all European leaders, politicians, and experts decry the new outbreak of violence in the capital of Ukraine. Many experts blame the EU and the US for their passivity and inability of the West to persuade Ukrainian authorities to work with opposition towards a compromise way out of the three-month-long crisis. The Day asked European experts to comment on the situation and outline possible ways out of this situation.

Pawel KOWAL, head of the European Parliament Delegation to the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee:

“The EU has committed a sin of inaction by misusing European diplomacy over the past few weeks. They just talked about plans and expressed outrage. It is too late now for soft diplomacy. If the EU decides to resort to sanctions, they should go hand in hand with a specific plan to support Ukraine’s economy and society. Once again, I appeal to EU leaders to speed up the abolition of visas for citizens of Ukraine.

“We need an international commission of observers created as soon as possible, to identify those guilty of firing into the crowd. However, the key task is to stop the violence and to ensure the EU’s assistance to the victims.

“I proposed to convene an extraordinary joint meeting of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament and of the Conference of Presidents. I believe that the situation in Ukraine requires cooperation and coordination between various policy options, while the EU and its member states should take concrete measures instead of making yet another statement.”

By Mykola SIRUK, The Day
2014-02-22 06:57:36 I LOVE UKRAINE
2014-02-21 04:43:25
You people that have not lived under communism do not understand what the EU stands for to these people that have experienced totalitarianism. It's about freedom and hope! Do not talk about brothers! It does not always mean friends! And Russia is nobody's friend.
2014-02-20 22:51:36
Український народ, ви повинні знати правду! Ви вважаєте, що, будучи членом Європейського союзу вас з убогості, воно помилково. Ви думаєте, що хороші хлопці є Європа і США, це брехня Ви думаєте, що погані хлопці Росія і Китай, це брехня Європа скоро розваляться, в результаті чого люди в умовах крайньої убогості, це впевненість. Європейці політики, засобів масової інформації, банки знаходяться під впливом глобальної олігархії з заходу, з міркувань геополітичних і геостратегічних. У Франції у нас є один політик, який пояснює ситуацію дуже добре, пана Франсуа Asselineau його партія називається УПО. Переклад аналізи (через Google Translate) ви можете зрозуміти відмінну керованість світу. Люди України, мужність, то не будьте маніпулюють так званої красиво. доброзичливий Французька сім'я якого 16 століть Франції.
2014-02-20 20:58:38
Ukrainians are Europeans in every respect except politically.
2014-02-20 16:26:03
What we see from Italy is not so easily understandable, it seems to see brothers of the same family killing each other (Ukrainians vs Ukrainians vs Russians...), and one of the reasons you are doing that, here is said, is for getting closer to EU; well, if it is so: EU is not such a paradise, in fact all around Europe versusEuro movements are spreading out... think about it... All my respect to people that are dying in this moment on both sides, but from here it seems people are killing eachother for something many europeans do not believe in anymore: European Union is falling down from its inside. Check out what is happening in Greece, France, or even here in Italy with "5 Stars movement" my best wishes for all of you to find an agreement as sooner as possible, an agreement between brothers...
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