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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Forced to dialog

Protesting Maidan made the government and the opposition come to the negotiating table
10 December, 2013 - 11:11

Negotiations. Under current complicated circumstances this is the most popular and reasonable proposal. But there has been no opportunity to fulfill it yet. However, several signals have appeared lately.

A negative one is that the forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs have practically blocked the streets near to the Maidan. This is a psychological pressure so far. But the opposition stated yesterday that force would be used to disperse the protests.

A positive one is that Western politicians will come to Ukraine to negotiate the regulation of the situation, in particular, EU’s top official on foreign policy Catherine Ashton.

Another positive signal is that President Viktor Yanukovych supported ex-president Leonid Kravchuk’s idea to convene a roundtable to seek a solution of the political crisis. It is too early to say what its outcome will be, but the beginning is encouraging.

The Day has written many times that there can be questions to Kravchuk, but he has done three things of utmost importance: 1) signed the agreement in Byelavyezhskaya pushcha; 2) held a referendum; 3) banned the Communist Party in time of his presidency.

2013-12-12 04:25:34
Yushchenko should stay quiet - the interview he gave - showing opulent party atmosphere taking place behind him while he responded in a matter of fact way. He is not serious. He only wants to protect his comfortable life while others suffer. Yushchenko had his opportunity which he used to protect his future. Today he is living in style and comfort. Why is he not on Maidan supporting the opposition if he really feels the EU is the future? That is a lame and sham excuse from someone that wasted a perfect opportunity for reforms. All these problems today stem from Yuchchenko's years in office and his mismanagement of resources and time. He could have moved the country faster towards EU - no he played games. HE could have instituted more reforms and he did not. He could have went after corruption he did not. Yushchenko is the largest culprit here - he is guilty in creating this environment that exists today. The country will suffer economically and will be indebt - no matter who is president - but if Yanukovich is gone then at least Ukraine would have moved out from under the chains of the Kremlin and toward the west that is really close to its heart. Houston, Texas
2013-12-12 04:16:57
The first round table discussion with the three former presidents was a political sham to just promote validity of fake efforts on the part of the Yanukovich government to look very accommodating and open to discussions. In effect the major question to be asked is where were these 3 presidents for the past 2 weeks when all this started. If they really feel EU is the future instead of paying lip service to it - why are they not there on Maidan supporting this view publicly. This Yanukovich government has publicly pronounced that they will punish students and demonstrators harshly. This has painted them into the corner of no trust when suddenly they want to negotiate. It appears that they have studied the situation and now feel the only way they can save their positions is by negotiating - but the opposition does not trust them This is true - for based on what we have learned of their actions - they will punish and all the opposition leaders will have3 a nice bedroom next to Timoshenko. The only serious solution is for this government to resign and an interim government take over. This is the only way to make sure that political opponets do not get thrown in jail and that Ukraine finally joins the EU. Houston, Texas
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