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Henry M. Robert

Play and help!

A charity bowling tournament was held in Donetsk
25 December, 2013 - 17:10
Photo by Oleksandr YERMOCHENKO

The tournament was held for orphans and children of disadvantaged and large families. Four competing teenager teams came from Donetsk region’s towns, including Snizhne, Torez, and Yasynuvata. Most participants were first-time bowlers. The event’s co-organizer, director of the Donetsk Oblast Charitable Foundation “Center for Social Development ‘Bridge’” Olha Kosinova told us: “On the eve of the New Year holiday, orphanages’ residents see many gifts coming from sponsors, generating consumer attitude to the world in teenagers. Our goal is to make it clear that no good thing comes without effort. Besides, events such as ‘Play and Help!’ build team spirit and help children’s physical development.”

The tournament was originally conceived as an event for corporate teams: bowling club was to provide a free track, and the funds received from the competition’s participants were to cover treatment of children with cancer. The Bridge’s children’s programs manager Natalia Khalilova admitted: “I called on over 200 companies, including travel agencies, builders, IT-businesses. Their representatives replied they had no money for charity, no interest in our project, or found the competition’s timing inconvenient. Therefore, we had to change our idea. Small towns lack entertainment venues, so we resolved to make children’s lives brighter. I wish more people responded to our calls for charity.”

The bowling tournament’s participants talked to us about themselves and their dreams. 13-year-old Mykyta, a team captain, said: “I like bowling because playing excites me. It is great to have a lot of friends here and compete with them. I am an athlete, have been boxing for the second year already, and already have some achievements. I want nothing for the New Year, as I already have everything I need. I have no dreams yet. I wish people happiness, kindness and happy holidays.” Yulia, a 10th-grade student, shared her hopes with us: “I train as volleyball player and play basketball sometimes. I want to become a film director or photographer. I wish everyone a warm atmosphere at home, good mood, happiness, success in studies, and most importantly, good health. I would like all just to be good people as well.”

By Maria PROKOPENKO, Donetsk
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