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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
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Sevastopol has responded

Andrii KLYMENKO: “We may not discard such scenarios as impossible.” The city government listened to the Crimean analyst’s warnings
20 February, 2014 - 11:59

The well-known Crimean analyst Andrii Klymenko recently expressed his concern about the possible implementation of explosive scenarios in the Crimea. Besides Den, several other media published the analyst’s comments. His voice has not gone unnoticed. Sevastopol City State Administration (SCSA) posted the following statement on its website on February 13: “Official Statement: Russian Information Agency Novy Region posted allegations on its website on February 11, 2014 that chairperson of the Taurida Institute for Regional Development Andrii Klymenko had information about bombings being prepared of apartment buildings in the city of Sevastopol, housing families of the Russian Black Sea Fleet personnel. To ascertain the reliability of this information, chairperson of the SCSA Volodymyr Yatsuba sent letters to the city prosecutor of Sevastopol Ihor Pilat, chief of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine’s Sevastopol branch Oleksandr Honcharov, and chief of the Security Service of Ukraine’s Sevastopol branch Pavlo Zyma. The letters read: “In order to prevent criminal offenses against the life, health, and property of residents of Sevastopol, I ask you to take measures as far as your powers allow to check the information available in chairperson of the Taurida Institute for Regional Development Andrii Klymenko’s statement, and, if appropriate, take measures to initiate a criminal case. Inform me personally, please, of any measures undertaken.” Signed: Press service of the SCSA.

The administration’s statement is somewhat unclear to who is the target of Yatsuba’s request to initiate a criminal case. To clarify where the administration stands, we contacted it, but unfortunately, Yatsuba was out of office at the time of our call. However, senior inspector of the department of press and information Olena Musykhina told The Day that her boss had meant a criminal case against alleged terrorists, and not against the analyst.

Andrii KLYMENKO, Chairman of the Board, Taurida Institute for Regional Development:

“I am very happy that my predictions have received the necessary response, and law-enforcement agencies now have to pay more attention to the possible development of the situation in that direction. However, I want to note that none of my comments (published first in an article on the BlackSeaNews web portal, which I edit, back on January 14, and then republished by Den and other media, including 1+1 TV channel) said anywhere that I knew about house bombing being prepared. Had I received any information on it, I would pass it on to the relevant authorities in a matter of minutes. I was talking about my predictions, possibilities, scenarios. I based such scenarios on the history of our neighboring state, which I would not name, which used to justify great military and political enterprises by house bombings. I think that everyone understands what events I mean.

“I would like to say that we may not discard such scenarios as impossible. I have spent all my life in the information space, and now I am feeling in my bones that two diagonals are shaping along which scenarios for Ukraine are developing. The first diagonal runs from Kharkiv to Simferopol, while the second one links Luhansk with Sevastopol. While the first of them is the base for calmer scenarios calling for federalization of Ukraine, the second diagonal contains scenarios involving Russian military invasion to ‘protect fellow Russians.’ I think that we would be completely naive victims of self-deception to discard these scenarios. In 2009, former Putin adviser Andrei Illarionov published a detailed study of the Russian invasion of Georgia, called How the War Was Prepared. It analyzes by hour how the Russian invasion of Georgia was prepared on the media front. Unfortunately, I see a lot of parallels between what Illarionov said five years ago and what is happening now. I may be wrong. God grant it that I was wrong. But I do not think that such a serious and informed expert and analyst as Illarionov would appear on Ukrainian TV twice at least within the past two weeks to warn us about these scenarios without good reasons. Therefore we must be vigilant, prudent, and ensure that law-enforcement agencies of Ukraine, including police and the Security Service, and the Ministry of Defense pay more attention to the areas which have theoretical potential to see unpleasant developments.”

By Mykola SEMENA, The Day, Simferopol
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