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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

Manual on creating a miracle with one’s own hands

In the 16th issue of Den’s glossy supplement Route No. 1, our readers will find the ingredients of real winter holidays, thoughts on ways to “re-sew” reality, and fairy tales
26 December, 2013 - 11:06

Winter holidays start in a few days, bringing us into perhaps the most fabulous and mysterious period of the year. Ukrainians believe that Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the moments for miracles and incredible stories to happen as well as dreams and desires to come true. It is the time when fairy tales come to life and people want to exchange their warmth and goodness with each other.

Ukraine is anticipating its very own miracle. For over a month, the country has been experiencing and observing the events that will define its future civilizational direction, that is, Euromaidan and closely related developments on the street and in government offices alike. Many of us will celebrate coming of 2014 in Independence Square, united by common dreams and understanding that realizing them will not be an easy task. This is one of “strategic points” in our history, and these have never been simple and easily understood, in times old and new. Sometimes it is necessary to have at hand a universal “concentrate of experience and wisdom,” containing hints, road directions and manuals, if not answers themselves. Fairy tales can be just such a reference book for all occasions. It can be argued that they are for children and now is no time to read them in any case, but once one remembers their main themes, everything will fall into its place.

“I have a somewhat unusual premonition ahead of this year’s holidays. Of course, I keep waiting for unexpected miracles, but I am not satisfied with small miracles, I want a big one! I understand that no miracle will come easy in the coming year... We have to create it ourselves!” Larysa Ivshyna wrote in her traditional column. “All the fairy tales are built on the fact that nothing comes for free; on the contrary, every success requires efforts and risky exploits. Our people tell no tales about a fool idling his life away above the stove, or a magic pike making every wish of Yemelya the Simpleton come true... Our tales, on the other hand, speak of dragon and Kotyhoroshko, Baba Yaha and Ivasyk-Telesyk, immortal Koshchii... Typically, they are intellectual tales requiring their protagonists to make correct moves to overcome fear and break the ‘needle’ where the evil’s soul is kept.”

Latest issue of Route No.1, subtitled Christmas Miracle, contains a road map leading to optimism and the necessary tools for this trip. It opens with an inspiring story by Yevhen Hrytsiak about Christmas celebrations in the Soviet GULAG camps and the human ability to “embed” holiday, hope and kindness in any scenery, even the bleakest one, as well as the ways to “re-sew” reality. Another contribution to the issue is a list of 10 books that are worth reading before holidays, as good literature sets the stage for a miracle.

The famous TV host of 1+1 channel and mother of three children, Marichka Padalko talks about New Year and Christmas traditions in her family and why they will celebrate this new year without a TV, but with books.

Route No. 1 offers a virtual trip to the most interesting places from our favorite fairy tale films and a chance to get to know the Blue Horse closer by learning a few facts about the animal that will influence the entire coming year.

The issue also contains “My Holiday” section, made up of contributions by Den’s friends and partners, a report from a kingdom of spotted deer in Transcarpathia which is Ukraine’s only deer farm, and unorthodox recipes for mulled wine. Still, we have not covered all that awaits readers in the pages of our glossy supplement. It is an attempt to create a truly festive issue, making the reader to anticipate miracles.

Route No. 1: Christmas Miracle will go on sale on December 27 at press stands and online on Den’s website. For further details, please call us on (044) 303-96-23.

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