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Where there is no law, but every man does what is right in his own eyes, there is the least of real liberty
Henry M. Robert

What will unite the Ukrainians after Maidan?

The Day suggests creating the European platform
3 December, 2013 - 10:39

“No chance to depression!” with these words the editor-in-chief of Den/The Day Larysa Ivshyna addressed the journalists and protesters. Not to stop at the week-long protest and continue the work building the conscientious society with the European values. Euromaidans all over Ukraine have proven that the Ukrainians are ready to self-organize and act for changes.

Prague Spring, Solidarity Movement, protests in former USSR satellites: after USSR collapsed Eastern Europe went through revolts shaping the civil society. In Ukraine there have been several revolutions: the Revolution on the Granite, the Orange Revolution and the actions in which people were upholding their rights: in the case with the law on the national language or taxation, and they resulted in the decisive breakthrough and determination of our place on the geopolitical world map. Regardless of the results of the Vilnius Summit Ukraine has shown that it will not come back to the USSR. Now it is essential to defend our choice: not to stop in case of failure and continue acting. All the people at the Euromaidan are united by one goal: living in the democratic European country.

For 17 years Den has been working to build Europe in Ukraine. During last week the office of Den supported the protesters and not only morally and intellectually. Several days in a raw the employees of the newspaper brought to Maidan warm tea and food for the protesters to help them not to lose their temper and not to get frustrated. The other day the editor-in-chief of Den Larysa Ivshyna personally came to support the protesters. “The dramatic turn of events with the Association Agreement with the EU requires consolidation and courage. It is a long-distance running. Everything we work on in the newspaper is to approach Europe, to make people read, think and learn. Finally, psychologically Maidan is mine. This is another generation I put high hopes on, but I worry for them even more. I wish we could save the youth from frustration and depression... It would be good if this mood stayed as a very serious struggle is awaiting us,” the editor-in-chief remarked when communicating with the protesters. Also Larysa Ivshyna presented the idea to create the European platform as a consolidated movement with moral and axiological basis. “There are very many thinking people here and I am sure they will create their accounts on Facebook and participate in the intellectual discussion about the principles of the European platform as a wide youth movement. It will bring its result,” she emphasized, “probably, a more active political organization will appear. We have to look for bright young leaders. I believe they are here. This should be used to mix a new political dough.”


Artem and Anatolii, students of the National Aviation University from the regions of Luhansk and Mykolaiv:

“We have come to Maidan as we understand that there is no third option: either the EU or the Customs Union. But we do not need another Soviet Union, we want to live in a normal country, want to be proud of it. It is a shame to sit on our hands when such events are happening. Who will support them if not us? We would like Ukraine to be unique and independent, but we understand that with the present authorities it will not happen. If we do not sign the Association Agreement we will enter the Customs Union. Our government wants to surrender us to Moscow but we do not need it.”

Myroslava, student of the National University Kyiv Mohyla Academy:

“I found out about Maidan from Twitter. I regularly come here starting with the first night of Thursday. I come here every day after classes and stay from 4 p.m. till 8 or 9 p.m.

“In general, living in a European country is my ancient dream and the one of my parents. Finally, we have this chance that is why my civil obligation is to be here. We have an experience of association with Russia of many years and we have an experience of traveling in the EU countries. That is why personally for me the choice is obvious.

“They say people are here for money. I do not know, I have not heard about it. Personally I am a self-sufficient person and can afford not to sell my opinion…”

Oresta, Ivan Franko National Lviv University:

“My friends and I came to Maidan early in the morning. We are planning to stay here till Friday [November 29. – Ed.] and I hope we will do it. The Kyivites are very hospitable, we have met the people ready to put up for the night the nine of us!

“Lviv is actively supporting this pro-European action. Heads of universities are urging us to go to Kyiv. Our movement is already very united, there are many more people in it, that is why our forces are more needed here, in Kyiv. People from Lviv are setting off for Kyiv in buses, but they are not allowed here, that is why we had to go by train.

“If we choose between Russia and Europe, the majority is for Europe. This is the best choice for us now.”

Maryna, student of Vadym Hetman Kyiv National Economic University:

“I want Ukraine to join the EU because I think that our life will improve. First of all, when we enter the EU we will have a visa-free regime with the European countries and the quality of products we consume will be much better.

“Today I came for the first time and I am planning to come till Friday [November 29. – Ed.]. Let’s hope that we will manage to do it and that everything is not vain. We have created a group in Vkontakte for the students of our university. We coordinate our efforts and come to Maidan all together.”

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