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A multicolored palette

Kyiv hosts a third annual exhibit of young artists, which unveils new names in contemporary fine arts
17 December, 2013 - 10:59

This exhibit Crystal Palette is specific in having an alternative nature, which allows the spectator to broaden their own art horizon. It is here that you can see authors who do not consider themselves as strictly belonging to academic, actual, or salon-type, i.e. commercial, art. The competitive exposition’s leitmotif is acquaintance with an analytical and artistic interpretation of the surrounding world.

Young artists aged 16 to 30 touch on the most diverse aspects of our present-day life. Their pictures are basically reflections on the spiritual, psychological, and routine sides of reality. The authors do not get deep inside the events, which is only natural for young people because an individual begins to pass his or her personal judgments much later – at a mature age of 30 and over. Yet some of the exhibited works give a clear indication of today’s most worrisome issues, such as reflection of a person on his or her unique individuality in society and interpersonal relationships, in the search of one’s true ego.

The spectators who wish not only to watch the exposition, but also to vote for the winner must know that some of the displayed works are out of contest, which is mentioned on the labels. Nor is it possible to come to know the name of the author you favor – for the sake of impartiality, the artists’ names have been replaced with serial number codes which you should enter into your ballot paper.


However, there is no fundamental difference between the in-contest and out-of-contest works – the latter must have been displayed to make the exhibit look more important. This creates the overall impression of a high quality of all the exhibited items.

Undoubtedly, every spectator will find their own niche in the exposition – for some, it is a still life or a nude, for others, it is an intellectual triptych with several levels of intricate visual and symbolic interpretations. Some of the pictures are interesting just because of their color gamut: you can always claim that Crystal Palette is multicolored.

The audiences that are inclined to seek the meaning, not only beauty, in art are sure to evince interest in the philosophical works And This Is Your God, I Have Seen a Lot, Confrontation between White God and Black God, and A Sighted One. A reflection picture, Khreshchatyk Is My Planet, also partially belongs to this series, for it opens up the spirit of a modern city and its dwellers.


Crystal Palette equally presents all the genres – portrait, landscape, still life, and conversation piece. The authors produce oil paintings, graphics, and apply mixed techniques. The organizing committee has selected for contest over 150 works by 133 authors aged 16 to 30. In the organizers’ view, Crystal Palette gives a chance to young and so far unknown artists to show their works to the general public, get acquainted with the oeuvre of their colleagues, and achieve their ambitious dream to be the winner. Oleg Radvan, a US painter of Ukrainian origin, an honorary member of the contest jury, the winner of many international competitions, can serve as a role model for one who aspires to clear his art height.

It is easy to notice that the authors’ level of mastery is different, as are the problems raised in the pictures. It only remains to hope that the Crystal Palette winner will be an artist who has combined a profound and interesting meaning, a fresh interpretation, and a high level of visual expressiveness in his or her oeuvre.

The exhibit will remain open until December 19 in Jacob Greter Art Center at 6, Vadym Hetman St., Kyiv.

Olena Shapiro is an art historian

Photo replicas of pictures courtesy of Jacob Greter Art Center

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