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Summer is coming, colors say

A lot of sunshine, sky and sea and a feeling of unity between the human soul and the world – this is the palette of Yalta
6 February, 2013 - 17:45
VALENTYNA SAMOILYK, YELLOW BALAKLAVA / Photo replica by the author

The Crimean branch of the National Union of Painters of Ukraine has launched a large exhibit in Simferopol – 114 paintings by Yalta-based artists. The exhibit bears out the conclusion reached by art critics – there is a distinct Southern Coast tradition in Ukrainian art. They say that Yalta-based painters make simple use of their palette – they put a lot of bright sunshine, plenty of blue sky and an abundance of the moving sea on their brushes and bring these components together to make paintings that reflect a fountain of joy, unity of the human soul and the entire world and the foretaste of blissful happiness. This is truly so – the light technique, the sun-filled energy of brushstrokes, the truly southern light-imbued range of colors, people surrounded by mountains and the sea instill a feeling of the feast of life, which is what the Crimea truly is for many people.

This enormous exhibit is the harbinger of the spring-summer series of exhibits about the life in the Crimea. The series is aimed, among other things, at discovering innovative methods and techniques and new themes. The exhibit features such People’s Artists of Ukraine as Stepan and Liudmyla Dzhus, Honored Artist of Ukraine Taras Dzhus, Honored Artists of the Crimea Nadia Velychko, Viktor Babochiiev, Eleonora Shchehlova, Olena Rusakova, Yevhenii Ryman, Volodymyr Siarov and others.

By Mykola SEMENA, The Day, Simferopol
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