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Thinking in a form which is a content

The graphic design workshop at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture celebrates its 25th anniversary and invites to the exhibit
3 December, 2013 - 12:07

At the first glance, the jubilee is not that big, however, it is quite significant as for the results of its creative and educational activity led by the corresponding member of the national Academy of Arts of Ukraine, people’s artist of Ukraine, professor Vitalii Shostia, known today not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The clearly defined way of development, unique methodologically adjusted implementations, introduced by the innovator teacher and artist, became a decent continuation of the work done by Heorhii Narbut and Vasyl Krychevsky, who laid the basis of the national design at the Ukrainian Academy of Arts.

The creative atmosphere, innovative initiatives, high requirements, and mutual respect between the teachers and students reign in the workshop. The exhibit has been prepared for the jubilee. It presents the works of the students of 1st to 5th year of the Academy showing the many-sidedness of the modern design school.

“Our workshop is a creative laboratory,” Vitalii SHOSTIA emphasized. “The comprehensive preparation allows students to pass from the basics to complicated conceptual projects. The very important role is attributed to training observation and attention to the world, a thorough insight into the subject, extreme accuracy in graphic formalizing of the object and phenomenon of the research and, finally, creating the image based on the harmonious combination of the rational thinking and elements of intuition, feelings and belonging to the ethnical culture.


The tools for designing are such disciplines as composition, chromatics, fonts, computer graphics, photocomposition and a lot of other special knowledge and skills acquired every year. During the studies the due place is occupied by comprehensive disciplines: drawing, painting, engraving techniques, history of graphic design...

The rich exhibit looks a bit aggressive but this is the nature of design: achieving the depth in active perception of the environment and multilayered intellectual work.

The students of the graphic design workshop always actively participate in designer projects, in particular in the National Exhibit “Zhyttia Shryftu,” the National triennial “Brama Dysainu,” the National exhibit “Vysoky Zamok” in Lviv; they have won in such contests as “Pamiati Holodomoru” (three contests), “Ukrainska Mova – Tvoho Zhyttia Osnova,” “Ukrainska Zirka Upakovky” (during 10 years), contests Coca-Cola and others.

In particular, Vitalii Shostia has focused his attention on the designer project of the graphic design workshop at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture “Genealogy of the Spirit” based on Vasyl Krychevsky’s ornaments in cooperation with Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky (Vasyl Krychevsky’s grandson) and Dar Charity Foundation headed by Valentyna Podhorna.

“The fundamental nature of folk ornaments and decorative and applied arts were a source of innovative searches for Krychevsky, an impulse for creation of brilliant patterns of modern Ukrainian art,” the professor remarked. “When designing his topical graphic works, Krychevsky might have subconsciously, as it happens only with real artists, filled them with the unique Ukrainian genes that created the wonderful synthesis of his style and avant-gardist signs of his time.

The ornaments, received from Vasyl Linde-Krychevsky, as condensed ideas of the outstanding artist, became the project task for the students of the workshop who will have to solve the problem of the meaning and using the heritage in the modern art not by copying the patterns created by the previous generations, not by decorating with ornaments but by a natural continuation or developing their generic features at full.


The project born with the slogan “Find yourself studying your genealogy!” has built a time bridge and created a spiritual link with one of the fathers of the art that is now called graphic design, Vasyl Krychevsky.”

“The opening of the exhibit turned into Professor Vitalii Shostia’s exciting lecture,” pro-rector for research of the Academy Ostap KOVALCHUK emphasized in his speech. “I wish the graphic design workshop, inculcating patriotism for profession and Ukraine, happy jubilee. Now experienced professionals, who take first places at exhibits and competitions, are working here.”

Head of the Ukrainian Packers’ Club and Upakovka Analytic Center V. Kryvoshei announced the names of the 29 winners of the contests “Ukrainska Zirka Upakovky” and “Ukrainska Etyketka” and offered to run master classes for young designers at the exhibit.

By Nina SAIENKO, honored artist of Ukraine. Photo replicas courtesy of the Graphic Design Workshop at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture
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