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“Crystal Brick” for best investment

Zbarazh Castle voted one of the best at an international contest in Poland
18 December, 2013 - 18:13
Photo from the website NICE-PLACES.COM

A delegation of the National Historical and Architectural Preserve “Ternopil Region’s Castles” has come back from Lublin, Poland, with a prestigious award, “Crystal Brick,” and a citation for best European Union cross-border investment in the nomination “Restoration of Historical Objects and Temples” of the House-2013 international competition. The Zbarazh delegation had submitted an investment-cum-restoration project, “Restoration of the Interior of Some Existing Premises of the Castle Palace in Zbarazh, Ternopil Oblast.” The project was drawn up by Yurii Verbovetsky’s Architectural Studio in collaboration with the preserve’s specialists. As Ruslan Pidstavka, senior research associate at “Ternopil Region’s Castles,” told The Day, this investment project dates back to the time when a Ternopil Oblast Administration delegation visited Lublin to take part in the Eastern Economic Forum “Lub-Invest” at the invitation of the Lublin Voivodeship Marshal Krzysztof Hetman. The subject was to develop and support specific investment projects to be carried out in Ternopil oblast. Among the participants, there was Kazimierz Widysiewicz, president of Polskie Towarzystwo Mieszkaniowe (Lublin), the competition’s organizer. He invited Zbarazh to take part. Zbarazh received a Capitula delegation (jury) with architect Elzbieta Macik, at the head because, under the competition rules, each of the presented objects is to be examined by an expert commission.

By Larysa OSADCHUK, Ternopil
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